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Friday, August 8, 2014

Please Don't End a Beautiful Beginning

Events happened…
I posted on my Facebook wall Jennifer Huston, a young housewife was missing.
Days later I was very saddened by the news that she had been found dead. The authorities revealed it was apparently suicide. I was heartbroken by the loss. No, I've never known her or anyone connected to her but a mother leaving her children saddens me greatly.

And this was posted on 7/29/2014 on my Facebook wall:

The photo below touched me deeply and I responded with :

I know how at times, the feelings of worthlessness can overwhelm one's soul. I always remember, without 'me' there is nothing else.
I have learned with time, it's so much easier to love me most of all. And with that note ringing in my head, just like magic, everything falls into place. No matter if it's baby steps, I am once again able to move forward. I can create a world around me that lights my way and puts a smile on my face. Adding people to my circle that make me happy to be around, as they add love and understanding to me and those close to me.
Yes, I would sit every hour with my peeps to keep them from ending, what's just a beautiful beginning.
I love you all and everyone deserves a chance!
You've got my word on it! 
Arlene aka Ritzy Ritzhaupt

Antoine Dodson's photo
If I'm able to help one person with this post I'll be eternally happy!
Please, don't take your own life! There is help. It may be as simple as reaching out and holding someones hand. Open your mouth and talk about your sadness. Each and everyone of use is special!